Orders and Check-Out

Orders need to be placed at least 2 days prior to delivery date.
For example, if you want meals for Friday, your meals need to be submitted by latest on Wednesday.

Meals for pick up also follow the 2 day rule.

Even though our main purpose is to make life easier for you, we ask that you at least order 6 meals. Bulk, gift cards, and Meals plans are allowed to be purchased individually.

Creating an account will make it easier for you next time you check out; your billing address, delivery address and payment information (optional) will be saved, as well as your past orders. So, if in the future you want to order the same, you can look at past orders and submit them again. Or, if you really liked one of your combinations but you can’t remember exactly what it was, look over your past orders, and order it again!

The zip code you entered in your Delivery address is not in our pre-approved list of zip codes. Please choose an address within the zip codes allowed in the system or contact us to see if we can deliver to your zip code or meet with you somewhere else.

Keep in mind, some zip codes are spread out strangely and your address might only be a block away from the allowed zip codes. If you think that might be the case, please let us know! We can still deliver to you.

There are two ways you can check.

  1. Match your zip code to one of the allowed zip codes. (FAQ in Delivery Section)
  2. Use the following link to see a map with zip codes of the area.
    (1) Plug in your address and press enter.
    (2) Check if your location is inside or near one of the approved zip codes.

Still not sure? Contact us. We can check if it’s close to our delivery route or if we need to find a halfway point where we can meet.

Since we are in South Carolina there is 6% Sales tax. And, because we are in Greenville County, we are required to charge a Hospitality tax of 2%.
Making a total of 8% tax fees on your ordered meals.

Delivery is not taxed.

In order to keep your meals cold and fresh, we need a strong, seal-able, insulated bag to deliver your meals to your home or work. By purchasing a Healthletic Kool Insulated Bag we can assure your meals will stay fresh whether you are home at the time of delivery or not.

This bag includes two frozen gel packs helping your meals to stay fresher longer.

All of our pick-up locations have a refrigerator to store your meals while you come pick them up (within a couple hours after being dropped off). So you only need to buy a Kool bag if it would be helpful for you to keep them in there once you pick them up to take them home.

Delivery and Pick Up

Greenville Zip Codes:
29662, 29616, 29615, 29614, 29612, 29609, 29607, 29606, 29605, 29604, 29603, 29602, 29601

Simpsonville Zip Codes:
29681, and some areas of 29680, please submit your address for approval.

Greer Zip Codes:
29650, and some areas of 29651, please submit your address for approval.

Spartanburg Zip Codes:
29301, 29305, 29303, 29304, 29333, 29334, 29320, 29316, 29319, and some areas of 29302 and 29306, please submit your address for approval.

Greenville: $7.50
Simpsonville: $7.50
Greer: $9.50
Spartanburg: $9.50
Anderson: $9.50
Clemson: $9.50

For Delivery:
If it’s your first order, make sure you purchase a Healthletic Kool Insulated Bag. Your meals will be delivered inside this Bag, with two frozen gel packs included, keeping your meals cold and fresh for you until you get home.

If it is NOT your first order, just make sure you leave the Healthletic Kool Insulated Bag (with gel packs inside) on your doorstep, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For Pick up:
Just come to our location once your meals are ready. We’ll have them ready for you in plastic bags.

Healthletic Meals delivers 4 days per week.

Please choose correctly based on the city you reside in.


Monday and Thursday

Businesses 3-5pm

Homes 5-7:30pm



Businesses 3-5pm

Homes 5-7pm


Fridays – Delivery at the Complete Nutrition in Anderson for pick up between 4pm-8pm



Businesses 3-5pm

Homes 5-7pm


Catering – Please contact us to schedule your event.

In order to keep your meals cold and fresh, we need a strong, seal-able, insulated bag to deliver your meals. By purchasing a Healthletic Kool Insulated Bag we can assure your meals will stay fresh whether you are home at the time of delivery or not.

This bag includes two frozen gel packs helping your meals to stay fresher longer.

Not really. But you need to put your meals in the fridge within 1-2 hours from the time they were delivered. (we will text you when we deliver them)

If you are a returning customer, you need to leave the Healthletic Kool Insulated Bag on your doorstep (with gel packs inside) on delivery day, so that we can swap it with another Kool Bag containing your new meals.

Need a reminder to put your kool bag outside? request it during checkout.


We will text you to the mobile number provided during check out. (provider fees may apply)

Even though you don’t have to be home at the time of delivery, we ask that you (or someone on your behalf) retrieve the bag from the outdoor climate and place it inside within TWO hours of delivery, followed by placing your meals inside your refrigerator (or freezer) until they are consumed.

During Summer and the HOT months of South Carolina, we recommend retrieving your meals within ONE hour from delivery.

If you need to transport them again, we recommend you keep the gel packs frozen, so that you can quickly put them back in the bag with your meals and take them where ever you go.

Our pick up schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 2-4pm at our kitchen location.

If you can’t get to our location within that window, let us know and we can arrange pick up at our partner’s location -very close to our kitchen location (until 7pm)

Pick up location:
775 Woodruff Rd, Suite J2,
Greenville SC 29607
(Last building, Last door)

Please keep in mind our cooking times may vary. During check out please provide a reliable phone number (preferably mobile number) so we can contact you if your order is ready early.

Meals and Containers

Yes, our containers can be used to heat up your food using the microwave. Just pop off the lid, leave it on top, slightly slanted, and microwave your food for 1.5 to 2 minutes (depending on your microwave voltage). Make sure to remove the sauce or lemon (if included) before you microwave your meal.

Please do not put the meal container on the stove top or your oven, since its made of plastic.

Custom meals can be built based on your preferences and diet requirements. Many of our meal components are allowed for Paleo diets. Mix and match these components as you like, and create delicious Paleo meals.

We are currently working on our vegan menu, stay tuned!

We do not use peanut products in our custom meals; however, it may contain peanut byproduct, since the meals are produced in a facility that also uses nuts.

Any additional concerns regarding our ingredients, please contact us at hello@healthleticmeals.com

In order to have your meals taste fresh and delicious (besides for health purposes), we highly recommend you eat them within 5-6 days from the day you receive them. If you rather freeze them and eat them at a later time, our meals will freeze fine. (But fresher is always better though)

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