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Healthy and tasty foods with
natural ingredients

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    What our clients say

    Great food, great price and delivered right to your door! What more could you ask for? Thanks for making it so easy for busy moms like me to stay on track with our health.

    Kristen Garcia

    I’m a travel RN in Spartanburg for covid relief. I’m working so many hours I didn’t have time to cook healthy and nutritious meals like normal. So grateful I found this service!!! The food is fantastic and the portions are perfect for the price. I’m not sure how I’ll live without this when I head back home. Highly recommend!

    Devon Weiler

    We were referred to Helathletic Meals by our gym and we have not been disappointed. The meals are filling and delicious. We have tried other food prep companies and nothing has been this fresh and good. We have even ordered the kids meals for our son and he loves it. It is a great way to track calories.

    Amy Fine

    I've been ordering from Healthletic Meals since May of this year and thought it was about time for a review. As I sit here eating my Chicken Quinoa Bowl, I'm impressed, as usual. The quality of their food is unlike any other meal prep service I've ever tried. The food tastes great, and I know I'm fueling my body well. I have had nothing but the most wonderful experience with each purchase, whether I have my meals delivered (so inexpensive for the convenience) or go pick them up. Good job to everyone! Thank you for such a great experience and DELICIOUS meals!

    Rebekah Thomason

    I have been enjoying Healthletic meals for about 3 years now. So far, I have not had anything that I didn’t enjoy. What i love is all the guess work is taken out because I know the ingredients are all natural and the macros are provided for me on the label. Currently my favorites are the cauliflower buffalo bites. I love!! And the mini pizzas, so good. My only problem is I dont have enough money to be able to eat these meals 7 days a week, 3 meals a day 😕

    Kim Hix
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      900 Lucerne Terrace, Orlando, FL 32806
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